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The Task

Here the work or the errand was identified with fostering a robotized patient entryway that offers admittance to the patient to get to or cooperate with their PCPs or doctors. This is the cycle that will be offering help to the patient to check their general operations in a lot simpler and advantageous way. It is that this whole cycle will just be conceivable just with the assistance of a computerized gateway and at a negligible expense.

Patient Scheduler

This will give a simple admittance to the patient to straightforwardly book a meeting with the specialist or doctor

Problem Description Management

This is the sub-framework that will give admittance to the patient to get appropriate just as precise subtleties identified with the patient's current ailment.

Live Chat Support

The following was to give online help to the patient so they can be sitting at their home or office or on their go can associate with their PCPs or doctors and take further counseling. Thus, this is the place where we at Alteza helped and created an exclusively based live talk emotionally supportive network for our customers.

Medical Template Management

This permits the entry to discuss flawlessly with other electronic clinical record and Practice the executive's frameworks.


  • Patients are given the office to cooperate with their doctors without going to the specialist's office.
  • Patients can get to all clinical-related data and exchanges made by them through the framework.
  • Patients can book meetings with their doctors without wanting to call the front office.


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    Tools & Technology

    VueJS  | C#  | Azure SQL Server  | Azure Cosmos DB  | PowerBI   | App service  | Application insights  | Search service  | Blob Service  | Event Trigger  | Service bus  | Queue bus  | Azure Functions  | AD B2C

Functionality of the online Automated Patient Portal System

The Practice gives a client name and secret word to the patient; who is then used to enter his/her subtleties and timetable a meeting with the doctor/s. The patient can likewise visit with his/her doctor and try not to stand by time and furthermore benefit moment clinical assessment through this framework. He/she approaches all diagramming data as this framework is incorporated consistently with another of Alteza - an online electronic clinical records framework utilizing an HL7 Message layout the board framework. Tops off can straightforwardly be administered to the patient's drug store without visiting the specialist, and admittance to lab reports is conceivable in the briefest time span with no pausing. Additionally in instances of crises significant life-saving data is made accessible to the doctor practically on the fly


Alteza carried this novel idea to fulfillment by creating four fundamental modules

Patient Scheduler

A special component that permits the patient to profit of the office to book a meeting with a doctor from the solace of his home or office any given mark of time.

Problem Description Management Subsystem

By consolidating Chief grievance (CC) and Reason for discussion (ROC) to identify with a progression of inquiries the patient can precisely portray his/her ailment to the doctor.

Fostering a visit framework permitted the patient to speak with his/her doctor and immediately explain any inquiries he/she may have.

Message Template Management Subsystem

Fostering an HL7 message format the board framework incorporated the automated patient port to speak with insurance agencies, electronic administration frameworks, and practice the executive's frameworks.

Technologies and Standards

  • Dot net structure adaptation 2.0 for improvement
  • SQL Server 2005 for the data set
  • Web administrations for combinations