Diet Management System - Nutrition Physical Activity

This is a case study that replicates the details for our clients who is one of the famous nutritionists who had been with Alteza asking to develop a diet management system. The following case study is used to apply the information of the client from joining the program till its result all the data to be saved in one single system that can on the easy to access with both the parties i.e. the client as well as the nutritionist.

At least two contextual investigations were utilized for the four-hour preparation program. Gatherings of four (4) or more members were approached to give the arrangement to help the individual depicted for the situation study make a positive and long haul change. One individual from each gathering was approached to take notes and report for the gathering.


Key challenges of the project were:

  • Diagnostic Tests:
    Where resources are available, some specific tests may be carried out to help diagnose specific problems; they are, however, not needed to guide or monitor treatment.
  • Formulated Diet:
    To prepare a diet chart for the patient and that also based on the detailed diagnostic tests. So for that, the team was asked to develop a system through which the patient can know the diet plan and its details to be followed.
  • Do's and Don'ts in the Management System:
    For patients whose reports need more attention for them, it was required to develop a system that provides its overall diet chart with all its do's and don'ts.
  • Nutritionist Diet Chart:
    For patient's good health and speedy recovery it was a challenge to develop a system that provides a nutritionist diet for the clients.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    Visual studio  | C#  | JavaScript  | HTML  | jQuery  | CSS3  | Rest API  | CSOM  | SQL Server Express  | Power BI  | Microsoft OneDrive  | SharePoint Server


For the above all the challenges that were shared by our client, it was very much easier for our team to develop a system that turns out to be a proper solution for all problems. With the team of highly qualified developers our team successfully coordinated with the client and based on their needs and requirements, we were able to develop the management system for which the client required our support and assistance.

It was after a successful investment of time and manpower we were able to develop the dietary management system within the time span of 1 month and that too with all the required testing and R&D.