A Product Case Study - Inventory based e-pharma answers for an organization situated in India

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The computerized time has unfavorably begun influencing the interesting drug store space in India and different pieces of the world. Nonetheless, not at all like the well-established conventional web-based business industry, the online E-Pharmacy space has been confronting a ton of numerous difficulties and legitimate specifications, to make the whole tasks and administrations in the business undeniably more unpredictable.

The Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940, and the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945, have clear rules which command that the offer of specific meds can just occur on the remedy of an enlisted prescription expert and under the management of an enrolled drug specialist. In the middle of these guidelines emerges a need to digitize remedies for a huge number of reasons (re-requesting drugs, shaping electronic wellbeing records, and so forth)

For instance, Medlife International is an online drug store in India. Right now, they utilize qualified drug specialists who capture pictures of solutions, call clients, confirm medications with the reason, digitize said meds and tests, and forward the request to the distribution center for additional handling.


This whole cycle basically postpones the death of the request into the conveyance circle. Likewise, prepared drug specialists who are utilized at generally around 20K INR a month, spend generally around 15-20 minutes on each call, out of which a decent 10 minutes are spent on checking, affirming, and digitizing the medications. Expecting about 1.5 to 2 lakh solutions should be digitized each month, in any event, 80 to 85 lakh INR is gone through consistently by the e-pharma organization to have the option to cling to the above interaction. Notwithstanding, in spite of the best endeavors of the drug specialists, the client needs to hang tight for in any event 30 minutes before the request gets affirmed and an installment connect is accessible. This is conversely with the current conduct that we, as purchasers on online business stages, are utilized to:

Key challenges of the project were:

  • Minimize the time engaged with handling a request and passing it to the conveyance stage.
  • Reduce costs associated with the digitization cycle opposite the drug specialists and the legitimate techniques of check and digitization.
  • Increasing the number of orders that can be prepared by a drug specialist as an element of unit time.

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In the previously mentioned measure circle, there are two primary factors that add to the expense engaged with the solution confirmation measure. The principal factor is that of time spent on digitizing a solitary remedy, which can viably be brought somewhere near a critical degree. The second is the inclusion of a drug specialist as a digitizer, which comes at an immediate expense for the association as the drug specialist's compensation.

A case for a significant decrease in both time and cost of digitization of solutions can be made if the meds in a request can be digitized and checked by clients themselves prior to driving the request into the conveyance circle. To do this, we need to diminish the measure of exertion a client needs to place into digitizing medication names from the remedy.

In an ideal situation, if a fake computerized request can be made from a transferred solution of the item, which can be driven into the conveyance circle upon endorsement by the client, the need of a drug specialist is viably evaded. The monetary effect of this estimated result will be talked about in the following segment.

Indeed, even for the situation where a client can't confirm the meds digitized against the meds initially endorsed in the solution, this capacity to peruse and parse drugs from a remedy and to make a computerized mock request successfully lessens a digitizer's assignments and time significantly.

The base prerequisite subsequently becomes to figure a structure in the computerized item that empowers a capacity to create total advanced sections of medications from a picture of a transcribed remedy


Our Client derived multiple benefits by utilizing alteza's custom Webapp solution which assisted client with benefits such as

  • Well-organized and structured intranet platform for easy access and simpler internal communication
  • An effective and efficient way to communicate between business units for sharing data and help them to improve everyday productivity
  • Accessibility to various reports after each update and notification regarding the upcoming events and meetings.
  • The solution upscaled the teams and individual productivity by integrating multiple KPI with storing, sharing, and fetching capabilities.