The US-based customer is a coordination organization managing a huge array of vendors, customer's vehicles, and GPS gadgets. The customer needed to welcome every one of the partners on a solitary stage and accordingly chose to foster a brought together stage for simple openness. The client's stage has two prerequisites, the first was to guarantee GPS position information appears on the world guide and the subsequent one was the GNX gadget (GPS transmission gadget) ought to communicate information from the vehicle to data set workers.

  • Ability to deal with any sort of gadget/convention and store their variable information
  • Capacity to monitor every one of the actual gadgets
  • Live following of the current armada alongside authentic information
  • Custom infringement rules
  • Armada routine support
  • Correspondence among driver and framework and capacity to direct them
  • Productive driving report and fuel report
  • Custom announcing and booking of topic
  • Arrangement


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    ASP.Net  | ADO.Net  | jQueryC#  | WCF  | Microsoft SQL Server  | Spago BI  | IIS  | Google Maps and service  | Bing maps  | Open layer maps


Thinking about the intricacies of the task, our group of web improvement specialists at Alteza made a. NET-based shrewd application for proficient GPS Tracking. Our customized arrangement was versatile which added simple availability from the web anytime of time.

  • Diverse client kind of client, affiliate, administrator
  • Stock framework to keep up gadgets across client
  • Attachment based (TCP/UDP) framework to get the continuous information from the gadget
  • Custom planning answer for monitor all the variable information coming from an alternate gadget
  • Utilization of Google, Bing, and open layer guides to show live area on guide and plot recorded path
  • Coordinate with Garmin gadgets to empower correspondence among driver and client
  • Client suggestion to monitor all support undertakings like oil change, type change, recharging vehicle enlistment
  • Capacity to send different objections to the driver
  • Driver scorecard report dependent on accelerometer information
  • A Fuel report dependent on sensor information
  • Custom reports utilizing Spago BI


There were numerous vulnerabilities, mistakes, and intricacies while fostering the item since it included GPS following and ID of malignant exercises. With Alteza as their web application advancement accomplice, the customer had the option to help their operational proficiency and achieve different business advantages, for example,

  • Customers were able to sell the application to user or reseller
  • Ability to scale the application vertically and horizontally
  • Supported 4000 vehicles and their data for one customer
  • Easily keep track of all devices in the organization
  • View the live status of vehicles on different maps
  • Manipulate all auxiliary data to raise an event
  • Control the movement of vehicles using geofences
  • Setup custom violation rules for different countries
  • Easy to keep track of all the due maintenance tasks
  • Better end-user experience by adding ETA to their delivery
  • Better handling of vehicles and control the harsh driving
  • Ability to add a custom report and schedule them