Our client is a main supplier of cargo, the executive's arrangements who needed to use bleeding edge advances inside their business. To make cargo exchange free and opportune, they chose to wipe out administrative work required in cargo the executives from the beginning to the furthest limit of conveyances across the world.

With an expectation to improve effectiveness, decrease the danger of rebelliousness, and initiate versatility for every one of the intermediaries, shippers, exporters, cargo forwarders, and de-consolidators, we made a unified open stage. With over 4 years in the exchange business and serving in excess of lots off clients, they realize that every client has unmistakable prerequisites and should be solely tended to in their complete construction.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • To coordinate exchange arrangements into a solitary electronic stage from a multi-branch association
  • Create an answer that smoothest out every one of the cycles across different divisions in an association
  • Compatible frameworks where AB l/AC E adjusts to all US custom guidelines.
  • Centralized substance the board framework to deal with all clients and set their separate jobs. Starts can store all necessary data and reuse that data for future fare tasks.
  • Provide a concentrated arrangement where clients can make shipments and send them to customs from leeway. Bring results from customs and give reports to help administrators and administrators make quick choices about shipments
  • Create a bookkeeping framework to oversee and approve information focuses like solicitations, proforma solicitations, citations, checks, diaries, and review trail them.
  • To play out a compartment following that empowers the organization to oversee. Shipments and combine developments
  • Dynamic dashboard and report building stage that permits clients to plan and create the dashboard and report with a tick.
  • Centralized archive the board framework to oversee records related with shipments.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    ASP.NET MVC  | jQuery  | Microsoft Silverlight  | C#  | Microsoft SQL Server  | Crystal Reports  | Windows Server


Our in-house .NET engineers gave a custom programming arrangement that massively affected the client's contributions. Our group constructed the accompanying modules in the application

Entity Management

This module makes and dealt with all the predefined framework data like setting up new clients, their profiles, transporter codes, aircraft codes to make it a future-prepared application.


Specialists can effectively make changes using their privileges to make shipments, keep up all shipments-related records like 7501, ISF, ACR, and disadvantage structure. Moreover, they can likewise submit vital data and definite fitting installment subtleties to CBP for their customers.

Air/Ocean Export

According to the availability rights, the fare organization can make ace aviation route bills and house aviation route charges and can send AES shipment leeway and get a speedy reon every shipment status.

Air/Ocean AMS

AMS frameworks can produce records identified with shipments entered in the US. Utilizing this, they can send all expected data to CBP for approaching shipment freedom.

Break-bulk Import

This module works equivalent to the fare framework, yet not at all like the fare framework, it doesn't have various holders. Break Bulk freight is shipped in packs, boxes, containers, drums, or barrels.


ITS bookkeeping permits clients to enter information without a moment's delay for every one of the solicitations, checks, diaries, till the review trials, and general records are finished. ITS Accounting module sums up different subtleties like fiscal summaries, explanations of income, and articulation of working capital.


This module permits clients to make a pri receipt before genuine transmission take.

Dashboard Manager and Report Writer

Utilizing this module, admin can produce dynamic dashboards and can get to reports of their customers or their necessities.

Document Management System

This module stores and deals with all the reports needed for shipment transmission from a solitary spot.

Container Tracking

ITS Vela Track module is incorporated with every one of the ITS coordination applications empowering the organization to oversee shipments and merge developments from various transporters. It continually screens the shipment status and tracks information in a succinct and customized interface. Subtleties like void pickup, cruising plans, ETD by course, ETA, the door in full, stacked ready, release full, and entryway out full permits to distantly screen the situation with the shipment.


The customer accomplished the accompanying business benefits by banding together with Alteza, a .NET advancement organization:

  • The client's business arose out as a main supplier of Freight
  • The framework has brought together and smoothed out measures for every one of the branches of the association.
  • Improved data permeability and straightforwardness across different specialty units.
  • Better monetary reports in a joint effort with every specialty unit.
  • Shorter tasks time and improved consumer loyalty proportion.