It was a challenge for us and our organization to provide prominently as well as innovative sales and marketing solutions to our clients with the designated skills so as to ensure that the work is streamlined in a proper way and according to the hospitality sector.

With the headquarters based in the United Kingdom, the client is dominating multiple localities across the globe and wanting to have its presence just a click away.

In the Hospitality industry, competitiveness, and service offering goes hand in hand, and hence it is necessary to be knowledgeable of ambitious contributions in order to stay ahead of the peers. Monotonically tasks apply most of the time but are yet demanding, so to make sure each erudition is addressed and not neglected, the client decided to create an application. This application was expected to change over all the gathered data from crude field examination to sagacious information and can be sold as assistance.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • To create a robust search engine and mapping tool that can derive extensive data of groups, hotels, and events.
  • Failure to recognize personalized elements.
  • Unable to automate and smoothen sales methods from lead generation to event planning and meeting management.
  • Incompetent to trace all the updates on all the forthcoming conclusions on a daily basis for the opponent hotels.
  • Hand-operated Applications on the process of phone verification for the data entered about events.
  • Resize and compress images without affecting their resolution.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    .NET  | C#  | Microsoft SQL Server  | Telerik  | Day-Pilot  | Google Map


In order to boost sales and generate more and more customer leads, the client decided to capitalize on each raw lead and for that it is imperative for the business to create a platform, addressing lead generation activities. We at Alteza understood the client’s concerns comprehensively and created a powerful solution that is inclusive of the following modules as a part of our Solution for different sales and marketing activities

Smart Search

  • Flexible Booking dates Choices with powerful Input of dates that range from a specific date, year, and month.
  • Comp sets obtained against your property
  • Comp Sets ordered by relevance
  • Identifying exact keyword searches for Property names & Group names
  • Function name searches (a type of function)
  • Interactive map searching by radius
  • Industries, segments, and subsets
  • Daily square footage used
  • Meeting/function length (Hours/Days)

Graphical Views

With this module, users can generate various graphical illustrations of the program using the dashboard, Calendar, Map views to quickly provide access to all recent activity of your comp set, local area, or other preset criteria. Users can also create their own dashboards, calendar views, and map views or search with a customized view.

Automated Reports

This feature enables users to set up reports that can be automatically delivered to your inbox on a regular basis, so you always know what's going on with your comp sets.


With our Solution of tracking Lead generation activities of hotels, the client’s business has accelerated productivity due to process streamlining. This solution has also provided multiple benefits to the client such as

  • Helped property to build unlimited comp sets and access their event data
  • Easy to find leads that match with customer property
  • Stay Ahead of peers and gain a competitive advantage
  • Automated sales activities that enhanced efficiency and reduced lead time and increase customer conversions