Our Switzerland-based client is one of the leading names in hotel tourism management. The core business of the company is organizing data enriched and highly qualitative services for the team of individuals to the group who are traveling around the world and are exploring the places. Our client’s idea was to attract the travelers and this was possible only by providing the best hospital facilities along with the extracting of the data that they have mentioned at the time of registration of their hotels and its booking. With this ideology, the client decided to develop a portal that will automatically store all the information of the traveler or their group and thereby offer them profitable deals along with the package.

Key Challenges at the time of developing Hotel Booking System

  • Developing a web-based application or a solution platform that is easy to adapt, customizable, innovative, and capable of catering to the needs of hotel basics.
  • Integrating reliable and trusted payment gateway for easy payments with different options available.
  • Implementation as well as integrating different options as well as the filtration of the data that is at the easy go with the required criteria.
  • Handling and affirming updates in several functionalities like price, rating, certification, etc.
  • Implementation of the exploration innovation based on reference number and booking number.
  • A scalable answer that can keep and maintain the field investigation features.
  • Implementation of the cart functionality, to support and maintain the booking data.


  • expertise-tools

    Tools & Technology

    ASP.NET  | MVC  | C#  | WebServices  | Visual Studio  | Microsoft SQL Server


Considering the client’s requirement and understanding their concept of the work we offered both the travel as well as hospitality service to our clients. With the help of a team of experienced developers and designers, the process of jotting down the points was started that had the set of information and that was related from strategizing of the work to the development of the application altogether. After all the meetings and discussions the team at Alteza offered the option and created a "Hotel Booking System" that was developed with the help of cutting-edge advanced technology and extraordinary features.

Let us now proceed further and share with you the list that was included in the said hotel booking system.


  • Details and list showing the information and data like date, room, persons, a city for booking, etc.
  • Checking on the amenities like a restaurant, fitness center, air-conditioner, elevator, car parking, and much more.
  • Segregating and finalizing the accommodation on the basis of rating, the price per night, refinement by city, and numerous other options.

Cab Booking

  • Managing the range of options that is very well available in the market. This can be in the form of pick-up country, city, start date, return country, city, end of duration date, etc.
  • Filters and sorting criteria on car leasing, car rental, price, etc.

Third-Party Details - Agency and Agent details

  • Keeping an open list for the clients to search for third-party details. It can be like name, location details, price along with its commission details, list of all saved quote numbers.

Customer Supplier Necromancer

  • Maintaining a list of agencies, along with their payments and invoice details.
  • Record feature to have as well as control price listing for different seasons with contract markup for different hotels.

Booking Management System

  • Managing features like booking on basis of quotation number, booking cancelation, invoice raise, make payment along with partial payment functionality, booking summary, account details, policies, and fee details.
  • Maintaining a list of bookings, quotes, notifications,s and alerts of reminders, group booking, etc.

View Cart

  • This functionality keeps track of past and upcoming booking details along with various details of location, services, prices, city details, agent details, etc.
  • Extensive features like a listing of the packages for different locations, cruises details, services details, etc. are also included.


We offered one of the best booking management systems to our clients that were in it one of the unique concepts and because of this delivery of the work, it turned out to be a profit-oriented as well as hassle-free work for our clients with other multiple benefits and outcomes.