10 Feb 2023   |  ALTEZA

How to Develop an Online Pharmacy App?

As a pharmacy store owner, you understand the importance of staying ahead of the game in an ever-evolving industry. With the...

08 Sept 2022  |  ALTEZA

Legal concerning aspects of Pharmacy App Development

Technology, this one word, has evolved our life so much that it has now become one the integral parts of our life. In fact, if you look...

08 Sept 2022   |  ALTEZA

5 Top reasons to digitize your pharmacy store

The history of pharmacy as an independent science leads us back to the 19th Century; previously, it evolved from antiquity as...

08 June 2022   |  ALTEZA

How to start online pharmacy business?

How to start online pharmacy business? or How to start online pharmacy business in India? These might be some concerning...

07 June 2022   |  ALTEZA

How much does it cost to set up a pharmacy?

Setting up an online pharmacy might seem a tough nut to crack; however, it isn’t entirely true. Indeed, there are some aspects...

07 June 2022   |  ALTEZA

How to sell medicine online and set up a virtual store?

Bringing out something new and fresh in your business is always a great idea, especially when you are following all...

27 May 2022   |  ALTEZA

Difference between E-Pharmacy and conventional pharmacy

ow often have you been to nearby pharmacy store or a chemist shop to buy medications for your illness? Whenever you have...

09 May 2022   |  ALTEZA

Pharmacy business plans, models and significant aspects

Folks, do You remember when was the last time You ran down to that pharmacy store in the next lane for getting that one medicine...

16 November 2021   |  ALTEZA

10 things you must know if you are a startup for an online grocery business.

Be it an online fashion business or an online pharmaceutical store, starting a business online is never easy, and online...

22 October 2021   |  ALTEZA

Why is every other grocery retailer moving towards online portals?

With time, grocery delivery app development has increased, especially after the Covid-19 situation, which created chaos among offline grocery retailers...

14 October 2021   |  ALTEZA

How to build an grocery app like kroger and amazon fresh?

We all are well aware of Amazon Fresh and Krogers. To begin with, who doesn't know about them? They are one of the...



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