A complete guide on pharmacy app development for your business (2023)

Medicine Delivery App Development

Want to startup your online pharmacy business but have got no idea or clue where to begin from? Well, we can help!

To begin with, starting an online pharmacy is not that difficult. You just have to know the right aspects of it.

In the year 2021, the online pharma industry was proven to be one of the booming industries globally, and its revenue is expected to grow over 20%, which is likely to be $131 billion by the year 2025. And the key markets for online pharmacy business are China, Italy, Spain, the UK, the US, France, India, Germany, and Japan. But do you know what has been the potential growth of the online pharmacy business? Yes, you guessed it's ‘Internet.’

The Internet has made everything easy and seamless nowadays. Whether it’s surfing, shopping, using social media, or watching something online, everything is just a few clicks away! Isn’t that interesting how the internet works? Once you search or surf for something online, and bam!! The images and advertisements of that particular item or product are shown to you on your social media, google, youtube, Facebook, and many other internet-connected platforms.

Just like that, the internet is invading the lives of its users. Through the medium of the internet, an individual can create growth, popularity, and awareness among other individuals. With the growth of the internet and technology, other industries are showcasing promising results as well. One of the most promising, successful, and booming industries is the pharmacy.

The entire pharmacy sector took over the market, especially after the global pandemic. People started to care about their health, self-care, and hygiene. In the last few years, the role of pharmacies also evolved. A patient or a medication seeker doesn’t have to visit a pharmacy instead, a designated driver will be assigned to deliver you medicines and fulfill your requirements, which is entirely possible through the medium of the internet and technology.

With the help of advancing technology and the fast-growing internet, most users, especially the pharmacy business owners, independent store owners, multiple pharmacy chains owners, are shifting their business towards the internet by getting pharmacy app development solutions.

But are you aware of the innumerable benefits of online pharmacy? Ok, so let us walk you through it.

Through this blog source, you will learn about the innumerable benefits of pharmacy app development. Also, you will get a deep understanding of how investing in pharmacy app development can be favorable for your business. Here, we will define and give an in-depth analysis of how pharmacy app development is proven to be successful for different business needs and industrial sectors.

Why is the pharmacy sector moving towards online portals?

Pharmacy App Development

The advent growth of pharmacy app development is quite massive, but do you know that has happened? Online pharmacy app development has always proven to be a seamless and easy way to purchase daily medications, drugs, and health care products. Through the medium of pharmacy apps, you get to purchase your necessary stuff without leaving your doorstep. You just have to place the order, pay for the final bill and wait for the delivery while sipping a cup of tea at your home. Isn’t that super convenient?

The power of the internet has increased the growth of pharmacy app development, especially in recent years, when we faced the massive outbreak of covid-19. Virtual care has become the 'New Normal’ for everyone. The global online pharmacy market size is estimated to grow 107.5 billion by the year 2026, and the usage of mobile, tablets, PC, Laptops have proven to be the leading cause of this escalation.

Undoubtedly, Pharmacy app development has proven to be a source of a boon for the entire world. Even during the time of the global outbreak, many pharmacy chains, independent owners, store owners, startups, and pharmacy businesses and industries took their business on a virtual level by getting pharmacy app development.

With the help of pharmacy app development, different pharmacy owners had furnished their services and delivered healthcare stuff to their customers, sick patients, and needy persons. Now that you know why every other pharmacy business owner wants to get pharmacy app development for their business let us get you through the next stage.

Benefits of pharmacy app development

To begin with, pharmacy app development has innumerable benefits for both the customers and business owners, which we will explain to you, right here, in detail.

Benefits of pharmacy app for customers

  1. Easy access and in-depth details regarding products, drugs, medications, and healthcare stuff
  2. Safe and secure payments
  3. Door-step delivery
  4. Better services and increased efficiency
  5. The easy approach during the time of medical conditions
  6. Less medical wastage
  7. Better offers and discounts

Advantages of pharmacy app development for business owners

  1. Better and seamless reach to customers
  2. New and potential customers
  3. Better monetary expansion
  4. Easily assigning multiple deliveries and managing them
  5. Digital presence
  6. Customer loyalty
  7. Business expansion and brand growth
  8. Seamless and hassle-free management of stores

Now that you have a comprehensive knowledge and idea of why pharmacy app development is essential for your business and how it can benefit your business needs. Let us help with other parts as well.

Smart features for smart business

To give you a better and deep understanding, we will provide a set of features that are a must to ensure a smart pharmacy business.

Usually, in the pharmacy app development, the developers divide the usage of features into three different parts, or you may call it as panels.

Customer panel

Pharmacist panel

Admin panel

Here, we will explain to you the detailed functionalities of these panels. Firstly let us explain your customer app and its features.

Customer panel

With the help of the customer panel, you can make an online purchase and get the delivery at your doorstep.

  1. Easy login:You can log in to the pharmacy app with the help of your mail or phone number. You can also use your web-based account for one-tap login in the app.
  2. Browse items:You can browse the products, medications, and drugs before making a purchase.
  3. Digital prescriptions:You can upload the prescriptions for pharmacists' reference.
  4. Digital payments:You can choose to pay with a card or UPI, and you can even pay through cash on delivery option if you don’t have a digital mode to pay.
  5. Filter search:You can select from various filters to ensure a list of medications or products you want will be directly filtered out for you.
  6. Delivery updates:You can check the delivery updates and estimated time and date.
  7. Settings:You can update or delete your details with the help of settings.
  8. Repurchase:You can repurchase or reorder the products or medications you want.
  9. Refill:You can refill the products or medications when you get a refill reminder through the app.
  10. Here is the list of other advanced features that you can integrate into your app
  11. Customer service and support:You can chat/ call with the service providers or executives for any inconvenience or confusion through the in-app chat/call feature.
  12. Ratings and reviews:You can rate and review the customer and delivery service experience to ensure a smooth buying experience for other customers.
  13. Offers and rewards:You can use coupon codes before a final purchase to get hefty discounts. You can also get various offers and deals on different products. An owner can include multiple offers and deals on products to earn and retain customer loyalty.

Pharmacist panel

A pharmacist can assign the order to the drivers with the help of the app. He can seamlessly manage and run his online and offline business with the app.

  1. Pharmacist registration:You can register in the pharmacy app by adding your details.
  2. Orders management:You can accept and reject the orders according to availability. You can even verify payments, make refunds, and check prescriptions to ensure a better process.
  3. Inventory management:You can manage the supply and storage of drugs, medications, and other healthcare products with a single app.
  4. Business information:You can update and change your business information for better reference.
  5. Customer information:You can store the information, health-related details, and prescriptions of a customer for a better and clear reference.
  6. Here is the list of other advanced features that you can integrate into your app
  7. In-app call/chat:You can connect with your customers to solve their trouble and confusion to win customer loyalty and entrust your services to them.
  8. Notification alerts:You will get notifications, alerts, and updates regarding the delivery progress and offers.
  9. Delivery tracking:You can track the orders through the pharmacy app.

Admin panel

Usually, an Admin panel is considered the core and integral part of a pharmacy app. You can read the below-given features for your pharmacy app development.

  1. Dashboard:You can track and check out all the activities conducted within the app through a seamless dashboard.
  2. Multiple payment options:You must integrate various payment options in the app for customers to pay through different modes. Through multiple payment options, you can engage and attract more customers.
  3. Reports and analytics:You can track analysis and make a report regarding it to make progressive changes in your business.
  4. Order management:You can assign the orders and manage the delivery process, depending on its stage, whether the order is just placed, in progress, or delivered.
  5. Customer management:You can manage the customers and their data to maintain the record.
  6. Pharmacist management:You can manage all the information of a pharmacist and review their orders for smooth functioning.
  7. Inventory management:You can replenish the supply and stock of products and medications as per necessity. You can also track the expiration date to ensure safe product and item storage.
  8. Multiple admin creation:You can create various admins in the app and assign them tasks for smooth and better functioning.
  9. Discounts and offers:You can engage and attract your customers with exciting offers and deals on various sets of products and medications.

Steps to create pharmacy app development

Developing a pharmacy app is not at all difficult. As we discussed earlier, knowledge is the critical factor over here! You have to put forth your choices, needs and perform some in-depth analysis and research regarding the pharmacy app development. Let us help you clear your vision in a more precise and better way.

Step 1:

Ideally, the process starts by understanding what sort of medicine delivery app development model you want? What are the needs of your business? What is your budget? To begin with, start analyzing the market. Learn about pharmacy app development within your vicinity, your competitors, market size, challenges you might have to face that come across your pathway.

Step 2:

Once you have cleared your analysis, finalize your pharmacy app development and budget. Look out for features, designs, technology stack, and other custom integrations that you need for your application. Once you have made your choices, finalize a budget as per your business needs and current market price.

Step 3:

Now that you are clear regarding the design and customizations and have clearly understood what’s your USP. Let’s move ahead to one of the most crucial parts: finding and choosing the right development company. It is said that investing your money into the right source can lead to huge profits. Choose your right developing partner and get the perfect solution that you need for your business. Choose a company that knows both technical and practical, offers you a great business model at a nominal cost, and accommodates the best services until the very end.

Step 4:

For pharmacy app development, you must select the right set of features, functionalities, design, and technology stack to ensure a full-fledged app that creates wonders in the development and growth of your business. Follow the design and strategy you chose at the beginning of your research. You can also customize the other design changes if you are not satisfied with the current ones. After the design finalization, your pharmacy app is sent for development.

Step 5:

With the completion of pharmacy app development, your application is sent for testing on the servers to ensure smooth, swift functioning without any hindrance or bug errors. Testing teams and specialists usually run these tests on the overall app to ensure that an application can retain response and working performance, despite the load. After the testing, the application is uploaded on all the suggested and finalized platforms.

Step 6:

With the succession of uploading the pharmacy app on the platform, you can move ahead to support and services. If you need any assistance regarding the system or framework, you can consult the pharmacy app development company and its engineers to guide you through the process.

Step 7:

Once your pharmacy app development is created and launched, make sure you choose the right way to promote your online business. You can promote your pharmacy app on various web-based platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-tok, Pinterest, and other platforms. You can even hire a digital marketing team or agency to promote your business in a better way. Trust us when we say this promoting your business in the right way will 100% pay off.

After everything has been completed successfully, you can make necessary development updates and ensure timely maintenance services in the pharmacy app to ensure better, smooth, and reliable functioning. You can also update or change the layout design as per the requirement for a better user experience. Remember that pharmacy app development costs can be varied depending on the location.

What is the cost for pharmacy app development?

A question that comes across every mindset before making a final call. Well then, let us make that a little easier for you. The final cost of a pharmacy app development is dependent on various factors such as:

  1. Features integration
  2. Design customization
  3. Selection of a platform
  4. The technology stack that you choose
  5. Third-party app or API Integration
  6. Maintenance services
  7. Hosting servers
  8. Safety and security

All these custom features can determine the final cost for pharmacy app development. Also mentioned earlier, the costing for a pharmacy app development can be changed and varied as per the location. There are different prices in the USA and different developmental costs in Europe.



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