Difference between E-Pharmacy and conventional pharmacy and how online pharmacy can enhance the lives of pharma business owners

Difference between E-Pharmacy and conventional pharmacy

How often have you been to nearby pharmacy store or a chemist shop to buy medications for your illness? Whenever you have a headache, fever, stomach ache, body pain and a XYZ health condition, you just visit a nearby drugstore and ask the drugist to provide a medication that gives you quick relief for your condition. However, have you thought about the drawbacks of buying medications without any knowledge?

When it comes to shopping for your favourite clothes, accessories or shoes, you tend to research and check everything accurately and choose a desired products that fits and suits you, but when it comes to healthcare do you really seem to care?

You just visit a chemist and ask for a random medication that aids your pain. Even though the medication might be great for other individuals however there are chances that might not suit you and cause you some undesirable effects. It might have components and molecules that can be harmful for your condition.

Although, times are different now, technology has added an advantage to every individual’s life. Everyone, regardless of what their age or gender is, choose to shop through apps and websites for their different concerns. Moreover, technology has extended a last mile access to everything and almost anything!

It is affirmative to say that digital pharmacies are combating and seamlessly winning over those regular, conventional pharmacies.

Technology gives an extended hand for those who are in need! For instance, if an individual who might be suffering through a health condition and he might not have an access to a nearby drug store, making it difficult for him to buy necessary medications.

However, if he has a mobile phone through which he just has to open an application or even a website and just purchase the essentials through few clicks and by the time he reach his home, he gets a delivery without walking that extra mile. How convenient and easy is that! Isn’t it?

But do you know that a pharmacy website or an application is not only beneficial for a customer? Well, it is very much empowering for different pharma business owners as well. But the question how this application and website benefits the ones who run a business? Let shed some light upon that too.

Benefits for pharma business owners

  1. An easy tool to reach your vision : Continuous growth is one of the essential key factors for everyone, especially for business owners. They are always in a requirement of some medium of support that gives them a right push for their growth, wherein online pharmacy plays a major role in the same. If a business owner has a pharmacy app and website as their medium of support then half of their work will reduced. Unlike the traditional ways, online ways make everything easy! Management is easy and workload is lesser.
  2. No geographical boundaries : Unlike the traditional store, here you have almost no restriction in expanding your boundaries. Even if you sell out in gujarat, you can still deliver the desired essentials to a customer who has ordered from Maharashtra. Your application and website gives you delivery access even to the remotest corner of the world.
  3. No misuse and access to right : When it comes to online pharmacies, they are an absolute secure platform that contains almost every verified and detailed information related to both prescribed and OTC products. If someone wants to purchase some prescribed medication, he/she needs to upload a valid prescription then and only then the registered pharmacist will deliver the medication to the location. However, if someone wants to know in-depth over what they are purchasing online pharmacy app and online pharmacy website gives them a reliable, detailed and verified access of information over their purchase. All these factors helps in not misusing the drug for any purpose.
  4. Special services : With an online pharmacy application, you are able to bring out and serve your special services to your customers. Unlike the traditional methods, here customers doesn’t have to wait in a queue to make their purchase, they dont have to worry over, what happens if they forget to refill their essentials? What happens if they no available stock for their desired products?

    Well, by getting online pharmacy app development, you can solve all these concerns and further offer other additional benefits with it. You can offer them on call and chat services to resolve their issues, you can even additional add or remove or product when there is no stock availability, so your customer will get an accurate information, you can even customize notifications whenever their desired product is back in the stock, you can attarct them with exciting offers and deals and you can even share refill reminders, so that they never forget to take care of their health.
  5. All these factors will not all only lead to growth but also customer loyalty, which is one of the essential factor for a business!

  6. A right channel to create brand : An online pharmacy app and website grows your business and customer base but also it helps in creating a right brand. Popularity and growth is essential but at the same time brand awareness is a major key factor for any business. You have the right marketing tactics and a well-justified end goal, it will help you lead to immense success. You can channelise your brand with promoting it on social media platforms like linkedin, instagram, pintrest, google ads, youtube and you can opt for a digital marketing agency who will help you create the right marketing strategy as per business goal and requirement.
  7. Less complexities : No one likes complexities, isn't it? Who wants to bear unnecessary hassle and manual work when you get a source who does it everything for you. Online pharmacy app development means less complexities, your application and website will serve your every requirement and purpose. You dont have to manuall add data and information, you will get an in-depth analysis of your business leading you to take progressive decisions for your business, you can manage your staff, chemists, doctors, pharmacists, customers and orders from anytime and anywhere, be it your comfortable sofa or your exquisite vacation spot. Isn’t it cool? You can actually say ‘NO’ to more complexities.

    Regardless of all these above described factors there are various other factors that an online pharmacy app and pharmacy website provides to a business owners. And it is affirmative to say that this medium of buying and selling is beneficiary to both end users (customers and business owners).

    Right from the beginning, an online pharmacy app and website provides a great medium of convenience and growth to businesses. This generation is led by the latest inventions and technologies, pharmacy application and website being one of them,. Moreover, various offline store owners are taking their business over an online platform. Even various industry experts believe that this collaboration of online and offline will lead the future of pharmacy in india. Technology broke the unconventional boundaries making a pathway for upcoming future.

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