How to sell medicine online and set up a virtual store?

How to sell medicine online and set up a virtual store

Bringing out something new and fresh in your business is always a great idea, especially when you are following all those old, conventional buying and selling methods. Not only does it gives ultimate relief from your daily hassle and workload, but also it serves as a great medium to cater something new and easy to your valuable customers.

But the question for many store owners out other is how they become a business entrepreneur? How to sell medicine online without actually going through much trouble? When it comes to setting up an online medicine store, it is not difficult as you think! One of the major steps you need to ensure is creating a pharmacy website.

Online pharmacy app development will provide you with the easiest way to find and cater for your target audience. Yes, you read it right! Since 2021, every pharmacist and chemist is taking entrepreneurship into their hands and the reason being the demand for E-commerce, and ofcourse pandemic helped in extending this fire.

Since various chemists and pharmacists are taking matters for growth into their hands, then perhaps you can do that too! Did you know that the E-pharmacy market in India is growing at immense rates? Earlier in 2020 E-pharmacy market was valued around at INR 50.71 billion, and it is expected at INR 458.14 billion by 2026, making the Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) 44.99% by the year 2026. Not a bad idea to start your business at such promising, growing rates!

But before you get all hyped up, you need to consider what measures you need to ensure while selling medicines online. Within this blog, all those aspects will be covered:

  1. How to sell medicine online?
  2. Types of E-pharmacy business models in India?
  3. How do you promote your business?

1. How to sell medicine online?

Selling medicines online might seem difficult; however, it isn’t. If you are rightly acknowledged with the terms and conditions, you can easily put your best foot forward.

  1. To set up an online pharmacy, you need to ensure that your business is registered and you have a drug license. This helps your customer to be reassured of the authenticity of your brand and medicines.
  2. If you are a retailer, you will need to have a retail business drug license so that you can run your general pharmacy.
  3. If you are a wholesaler, you will need to have a drug license so that you can make and sell the drugs wholesale.
  4. If you are a manufacturer, you will need to have a license so that you can manufacture medicines and healthcare products, inclusive of homeopathy and allopathy medicines.
  5. Connect with pharmacists

You must ensure that you get a qualified pharmacist, as he can help validate the drugs and medicines you are manufacturing and selling. The pharmacist should carry a D pharm or pharmacy diploma or a bachelor/master's degree in pharmaceuticals.

You can also connect with a doctor and a chemist with the ones who license as they can help you set up an online pharmacy.

You must be thinking about why all these things are essential factors? And the reason being these certified graduates will help you define the quality of medicine and product that you sell online.

Finding a suitable platform for your business.

Recently, in the last few years, almost every individual searched or bought everything online quite rapidly. Everything is available online, from buying home appliances to getting virtually treated for the health condition, and so do a solution for you. All you need to do is, go to google (your personal search engine) and type your query, for e.g., How to start online medicine business? Or How to start online medicine delivery business? And there you go, you will get all the related results for your search.

And, of course, if you are reading this blog, you can directly contact us, and we’ll help find you the right kickstart for your online business. You can invest in our pharmacy app and website, which will help you start your business instantly.

When setting up your virtual store, you must ensure:

  1. Invest in a reliable and results-oriented company
  2. Scalable and growthful marketing strategy
  3. Customer reviews and feedbacks are a must.
  4. Upload high-quality pictures of products for a better understanding
  5. Add an online consultation feature so that if your customer doesnt have a
  6. prescription, he can consult the medical practitioner and get one.
  7. Add your social accounts.

Get a reliable shipping company

Doorstep delivery plays a major role in the sale if you want to enhance your customer experience and get customer retention. However, you must also ensure that you will have to get a company that provides quick, dependable, and reliable services to quickly deliver the essentials without any damage.

You can tie up with various courier and shipping services like xpressbess, Ecom express, Blue Dart, and many others, whichever you think is reliable and trusted.

2. Types of E-pharmacy business models in India?

Before starting your digital pharmacy business, you must first understand what types of business models are there in India?

There are three business models:

  1. Inventory based business model: In this type of business model, the business model stocks the essentials in his own inventory and sells it online without involving any third party or middleman.
  2. Hybrid based business model: In this type of business model, the business owner manages his business both online and offline and earns profit from both platforms.
  3. Marketplace pharmacy business model: This model helps connect both buyers and sellers on a centralized platform. A classic example of this marketplace is Amazon.

You can choose any of these models to start or expand your business on a digital platform.

Now that you are briefly acknowledged with the business models, we shall move forward to the next space on this topic of how to start an online medical business?

3. how to promote your business?

Once you are clear with the question, how to start online medical business? And understand the business models for pharmacy, then Promotion is the only barricade you need to cross.

The right marketing strategy can always uplift and amplify your business; however, the wrong one can ruin it too! So you need to ensure that you use a suitable strategy that gives the needed push to your business.

Promoting your business through social is always a good idea! You can choose to advertise your business on google, youtube, instagram and Facebook. You can also use other mediums like Pinterest, Twitter and whatsapp, and ofcourse you can always opt for a results-oriented digital marketing agency that will help you grow your business in a better way because who better than the experts themselves to enhance the potential.

You must also add your customer reviews, testimonials, feedback, and ratings to help the customer acknowledge the authenticity of your product.

You can also add the feature of uploading prescriptions, as this will help in no misuse of drugs or malpractice. It should be a signed prescription from a verified doctor that involves the right details of the doctor, medicine and patient.

Add informative and creative blogs to raise awareness among people.

With all being said, we hope that your question about how to start online medicine delivery business is solved? Without further delay, you can get your E-pharmacy store and start your business right away. You can start by choosing a pharmacy app development company, and this is where you can invest in us; we help you build, set up and launch your digital pharmacy.



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