Why is every other grocery retailer moving towards online portals?

Grocery Delivery App Developemnt

With time, grocery delivery app development has increased, especially after the Covid-19 situation, which created chaos among offline grocery retailers.

All the offline grocery retailers faced a massive loss because of the Pandemic. The first initial two months of the year were quite good for US retailers. Their sales went up to 6.5%, but then the Pandemic started in March, and in the entire world, all the industries faced lockdown, including the grocery industry, which led to the sales of grocery markets facing a rapid loss.

The covid-19 Pandemic caused a major halt worldwide, in almost every industry and Market. As a result, every Market and Industry faced a massive economic loss. Everyone met their share of failures and losses in the entire world, both economically and physically. This deadly virus brought humanity to its knees.

Furthermore, the extended lockdown created a commotion, and every individual worldwide was stunned. As a result, all the stores, malls, and theatres were closed except only the essentials, i.e., medical and grocery stores.

The covid-19 Pandemic stretched down every big and small industry. Resulting, revenue cuts and loss of human resources. The offline sector has suffered the most after the extended lockdown. Every other started \to lose their job, and the roads were also blocked due to the Pandemic. As a result, the Pandemic created a long-term effect on the world. Statistics show that the offline retailer faced a loss of $7 Billion in overall sales in 2020.

Having said this, the Coronavirus Pandemic forced us to break the traditional chain of offline shopping while bringing forward a digital solution for every retailer. The technology lifted the spirits of everyone to get back in their business.

Shifting to the Digitized World

Readymade Grocery App

The global Pandemic brought inevitable changes in human life, but thankfully the technology has proven to be a guardian angel who saved everyone. Slowly and gradually, everyone started to shift to Online Platforms. This Online Shift has shown a drastic growth in various businesses, especially for the grocery business. The grocery industry saw a significant transformation after coming to the online grocery business.

Every retailer started selling their goods online. A statistical report showed that the total sales generated by the US in 2020 of the online grocery store amounted to 759.57 Billion US Dollars. Even the revenue income that the supermarket and grocery industry has generated in 2021 is $658.1 Billion. The experts say that the annual market growth of supermarket and grocery businesses will grow up to 0.5% by the end of 2021.

We can say that the retail industry will bounce back in no time as there is always a ray of hope. Furthermore, we can say that offline retailers will get the maximum benefit if they get into the online portals. As we all know, E-Commerce is a daily growing platform; hence, it is the best platform for people who want to get back in the business game.


on-Demand Grocery Delivery App Developemnt

We all can say that the online platform is the perfect kickstart for any business owner. Be it a small business owner, multiple store vendor, or a leading business owner. E-Commerce is the platform for everyone. But Isn't it evident that there must be some reason why everyone is heading towards online platforms?

Yes, of course, there is! The main reason is its growing demand, and obviously, there are many other reasons as well. With the ever-increasing demand for the online grocery market, the US estimatedly generated 28.68 Billion US Dollars in 2019. Furthermore, it is predicted that the sales will reach up to 59.5 Billion US Dollars.

Of course, one of the other reasons for its growing demand is the door-to-door service and hassle-free payment, making it safe and perfect for everyone's needs. You can get everything you want from the Online grocery app with just a few clicks. So it's a Win-Win Situation for both the customers and the owners.

There are various online grocery shopping app that offer home delivery, discounts and deals, multiple payment options, and quick services.

Some of the largest growing grocery shopping apps are:

  1. KROGERS: One of the top E-Commerce retailers with more than 2,200 pick-up services and 2,450 Delivery services. It is the nation's largest grocery chain.
  3. TESCO
  4. ASDA
  7. CoOp

The supermarket and Grocery store industry is ranked 2nd in the US, making it the most significant growing food industry. Apart from KROGERS, WALLMART is the largest and fastest-growing shopping industry. The US has been a leading market country in the world's largest food exporters.

With that being said, the retail industry is seeing a significant transition phase as most people order food through online portals. It's a new normal over the previous style. People are breaking all the traditional shopping norms and choosing a hassle-free life. It shows that if a retailer steps up in the online market, he will receive success. The online portal is a potential platform for every person ready to amp up their marketing game. This online grocery app is time-saving with an effortless online presence and a great path to digitize your offline business.

Yes, the initial stage of stepping into a competitive market can seem to be a little tricky. But the offline business retailers have the power to manage it. How? Well, let us tell you how? To begin with, you can get a readymade grocery app or customized grocery app with multiple features, and you can also ask for on-demand grocery app development to brand your app. And if that option is not available with the company, you can do the branding of your grocery app on digital mediums like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and TikTok. That too for free!!



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