Employment benefits


Learning and development

We worth and respect every agent, we offer satisfactory assistance for the turn of events and spotlight on specialist analysis.


Reliable support

At Alteza, leaders provide you with strong and reliable support, timely guidance, assessment, and constructive opinion to improve your skills.


Positive atmosphere

At Alteza, you will get a positive atmosphere with all amenities and resources for a smooth and convenient workspace environment.


Equal opportunities

At Alteza, you will not only learn, grow and evolve, but also you will get ample opportunities to grow your career. We believe in providing equal opportunities and fair assessment for salary hikes.


Occasions celebration

We build interrelationships by encouraging the celebration of festivities and other functions to understand each other better and build a bond. We celebrate many functions and activities to stir up the team.


Weekends off

We balance work-life by giving a week off to encourage a balanced life for more enthusiasm and better involvement in the work environment.


Principles and straightforwardness

Our topmost priority is principles and straightforwardness. We promote a workspace with a set of ethics and believe in presenting an opinion or a view with 100% translucency to improve workplace equality.


Detailed evaluation

We provide constructive criticism and detailed evaluation for enhancing your dexterity and furnishing mastery in your field.


Hiring process

At Alteza, we give you a fair chance to showcase your skills by harnessing the right practices. We encourage and follow a recruitment process to make the right choice.

Our Recruitment Process


Technical round

Once we shortlist the CV or Resume, we arrange a telephonic round to understand your choices, and then we schedule a technical round-- which will include your communicative skills and knowledge, and idea (to assess and solve a problem). We prefer personal interviews, but we also arrange skype or google meets calls as per the circumstance.


Practical round

Once you clear the technical round, we move forward to a practical test, wherein you will be assigned a practical task which you have to complete within the allotted period of time. We evaluate your coding skills, logic, speed, and how you assess a problem and generate the right solution.


Administration Interview

For understanding your vision, ideas, opinions, and knowledge, we arrange an administration interview with our higher-ups wherein they will conclude whether or not you are fit for our company.


Final decision

Once you are selected for the job role, you will get a confirmation call from the HR team. At Alteza, we finalize every candidate based on their knowledge, skills, assessment, and solving any problem they face during the given task, basically on their overall performance. The judgment is based on mutual opinion, with a fair chance given to every candidate. Once you are hired, you become a part of the family at Alteza!

The hiring process may vary as per job role and seniority.