The coordination business isn't just about conveyance boxes beginning with one-stop then onto the following. It incorporates ideal and safe transport of product to the customer while fighting with different collaborations providers and engaging for a piece of advantage when the edges are low. Keen advancement systems can help you with improving your creation organization and give you an edge over your opponents.

Warehouse Management

Flexible and successfully adaptable appropriation place organization helps in improving solicitation and stock organization, stock plans, work the board, diminishing transportation costs and gives redesigned buyer dependability. Discard the old paper-pen and accounting page procedures and clear a course for streamlined collaborations programming improvement benefits that work on your business.

Transportation Management

Transportation the executives Frameworks motorize complex transportation estimates that increase operational usefulness, help in-vehicle checking, and get consistent updates. They moreover add to making the overall transportation cycle viable which joins practices like assessing, invoicing, course and transport booking, status following and uncovering making requesting, and so on

Warehouse Management System

Motorize your material stream autonomous of the product and industry, secure clearness on warehousing exercises, plan and regulate material dealing with and endeavors allotted to the specialists with the help of our Distribution center Administration Programming, altered to oblige your business necessities.

  • Distribution center Robotization
  • Altered Work process
  • Errand The board and Computerization
  • Distant Availability
  • Request and Record the executives
  • Stock Control
  • Joining with outcast Applications
  • Inbound and Outbound Tasks

Fleet Maintenance System

Put assets into a canny game plan that covers all your naval force upkeep concerns. A streamlined task force support structure permits you to follow fixes, directs and sends sees for obstruction upkeep of vehicles, engine blemishes, work orders, setback the board and delivers exhaustive reports.

  • Vehicle nuances the board
  • Carport Solicitations
  • Upkeep information
  • Spare Parts bring the board back
  • Assessment of Fix
  • Credit Note of Brought Things back
  • Protection Guarantee Assessment
  • Receipt Fare/Bookkeeping Framework Mix
  • Fix work study and endorsement
  • Significance of advancement in collaborations
  • Computerization to avoid bungles
  • Robotize business cycles to avoid abnormalities, inefficient and overabundance data and manual error to fasten the overall transportation cycle

Importance of technology in logistics

  • Automation
    to avoid errors

    Robotize business cycles to stay away from irregularities, wasteful and repetitive information and manual mistake to attach the general delivery cycle

  • To Reduce Cost

    The reduced total cost of ownership, vehicle lifecycle the load up, fuel cost following, and avoiding naval force remaining by time helps increase the overall fleet proficiency

  • Reliable correspondence between accomplices

    The straightforwardness of data sharing and correspondence between accomplices like makers, retailers, suppliers, wholesalers, etc. allows better unique

  • Operational Proficiency and Diminished Expenses

    Motorized back-end, predictable trade of data to the ERP system, fruitful stock organization helps in extending the viability and lessening overall costs

Logistic Case Studies

Discovering and analysing the nitty-gritty of each project to achieve measurable outcomes is what we have done for the world's leading tech giants.

Global Logistics Solution

A customer used Alteza's answer to wipe out the desk work measure from the beginning stage to the furthest limit of conveyances. Alteza's imaginative arrangement empowered partners to improve proficiency, lessen the danger of rebelliousness, and enact versatility through a unified available and cross-perusing stage.

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Fleet Tracking Solution

Armada the executives is a basic piece of the oil transportation framework as it is profoundly directed by severe administering laws and it costs significantly. To improve armada the board, Alteza fostered a 'GPS global positioning framework' that effectively communicates information among vehicles and workers. Ability this stage profited the customer and assisted him with accomplishing control, following, and a critical lift in the dynamic interaction

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Global Presence

As a Custom IT Services Provider, Alteza is known for their end-to-end IT solution with whooping many partnerships with a leading organization of the world and in almost every industry. We have clients from major countries like Canada, USA, and UK. UAE, Australia, and many more countries.

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