Indian Medicine Database

A comprehensive and accurate medicine database for different healthcare sectors. Certified database approved by healthcare experts and practitioners.

What is a medicine database? To make it short and simple, a medical database has medical information that refers to information such as drugs used to treat a patient caused by some illness or disease. Basically, it is full-fledged data related to healthcare products and medications.

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Indian Medicine Database
Indian Medicine Database

At Alteza, we have a detailed database that includes the manufacturer's name, pricing, food interaction, alcohol interaction, pregnancy interaction, dosage, product details, side effects, uses, how it works, composition and many other details on healthcare medicines and products. Our database is synchronized as per the medicine and product category, making it easy to use and understand.

Alteza is an IT Solutions company that provides a certified and approved medicine database to different healthcare practitioners and business owners within 30 minutes. This database is created by covering all the medicine information related to the healthcare industry.

Benefits of the Indian medicine database

  • 1. Increase the growth of your business with a full-fledged medicine database that covers all the sectors of healthcare.
  • 2. Accurate information on the generic medicines, OTC medicines, ordered medicines, healthcare products, herbal products, brand medicines, and cosmetics.
  • 3. Reliable database approved by healthcare practitioners and pharmacologists.
  • 4. Synchronized and categorically formed the database for easy management.
  • 5. Detailed information and instruction are available on every healthcare product and medication.
  • 6. Profound understanding of the drugs and healthcare products.
  • 7. Better growth in your niche market.


This database will be delivered to you within 30 minutes after completing the process.

You can contact us by sending in your requirement at, or you can make a quick call on 9099449927.

Yes. This data covers all the information related to medicines and healthcare products.



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