At Alteza, we develop next-gen iOS apps, and they are tested for quality purposes and efficiency to improve performance and agility. At Alteza, you will get a bunch of creative and talented developers who dedicatedly indulge in your iOS application using smart frameworks like Swift and Objective C. We also make apps for cross platforms using advanced technologies like Flutter and React Native. For iOS development, we perform detailed research about your target audience, market analysis, and latest trends to create a robust and full-fledged application designed with cutting-edge technology and attractive and enchanting UI/UX design to create maximum user interaction and conversion.

Services for iOS development

We digitize your ideas and thoughts with our smart solutions and dedicated services.



At Alteza, we provide development and consultation services for your business needs. Our dedicated and reliable developers offer constant support and consultation for your business needs. We provide analysis, development strategy and planning, and other MVPs to upgrade your business needs.

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Design & development

At Alteza, you get the best and high-class architectural design and development for your iOS applications. We create sleek and resilient apps with great compatibility and simple navigating features, and our developers create a design that suits every business need.


UI/ UX design

Our iOS developers and designers create a UI/ UX design that generates maximum user interaction for a seamless experience. For the UI/ UX design, our designers and developers indulge in great practices to create a layout that suits your business and satisfies your customer’s interaction experience.


Backend development

We perform scalable operations and seamless integration to create a tough and robust back-end development for a smoother and swift finish. Our developers focus on core logic, backend solutions, database integration in the application, API integration, and many other backend development processes.


Testing & support

We indulge in deeply profound practices for iOS application development. Our iOS developers perform a series of tests with an algorithmic process to ensure that your application is bug and lag-free and works efficiently on every iOS device. Once the application is deployed, our service team can assist and support you regarding the application. Be it upgrade, integration, updates installation, or making custom changes, our developers will give you all the services.


Dedicated team

At Alteza, you will get a dedicated team for your iOS application development, who will assist you with the development process and give you progressive updates about the application development.

iOS development process

At Alteza, our developers and designers indulge in creative approaches to layout custom and innovative designs to suit your business needs.


Project discussion

At first, we will discuss and understand the idea. If you are developing the application for the first time, our developers will help you digitize your idea based on your requirements with our touch of innovation. But if you want to revamp the application, then our developers will guide you as per that. Once our developers comprehend your idea, they will use their creativity and innovation to polish your idea.



After the plan is created, then we will move forward to the interface. Our developers share extensive experience in creating designs for the existing apps or entirely creating new designs for your new application. Our designers and developers curate the designs that highlight your benefits and skillset to provide you maximum benefit.



Once the design is ready, we will begin the development process. Wherein the developers will efficiently and seamlessly integrate the technology stack, features and make the other custom changes. Our developers will give you timeless assistance and progressive updates about the application development.



Our developers will seamlessly integrate third-party APIs and apps for carrying out safe and secure operations that will help you expand your business and services in a better way. Based on your custom requirements, we will perform the integration that you need.



Once the entire development is complete, we will move your application to the servers for testing to ensure that the application is bug-free and has a smooth performance. Our testing team runs multiple tests to deliver an assured quality product.



After the application is tested, it will be uploaded on all the recommended platforms.


Service and support

Once the application is live on the recommended platforms, if you need any assistance in the application’s framework, optimization, updation, maintenance, and support, our developers and service team will assist you with that. We cater to the clients until the very end to provide them endless benefits.

Case studies

Our company created many high-performing apps for different industries to provide constant and endless benefits for their business needs. Here is our portfolio, have a look!

Doctors To You App

Assembled a versatile application that is only a tap away for specialists and patients to deal with their arrangements. Our arrangement booking application is a helpful answer for improving ordinary treatment with extraordinary highlights like patient profile, online prescription, and improved counseling equations with a hint of digitalization.

view case study

Looking for an iOS development solution?

Considerable experience

We create appealing and attractive apps that suit your business needs.

Smart iOS application development

Our developers collaborate with the latest technology and advanced software to create a scalable and durable application that is perfect for your business needs.

  • Custom iOS development
  • Business mobility solutions
  • iOS widgets and extension development
  • SaaS-based application apps
  • Online audio and video streaming apps
  • Custom application development
  • Telemedicine apps with integrated chatting, calling, and video calling

Technology Stack

frameworks Backend

  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node
  • Ruby on Rails

FrontEnd Front End

  • Swift
  • ObjectiveC
  • RXSwift
  • SwiftUI

database Database

  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • CoreData
  • Firebase

project-management Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Microsoft Team

DevOps DevOps

  • CI/CD
  • GitHub Actions

testing Testing

  • Appium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • BrowserStack

We are here for you!

Being the leading IT solutions company, we indulge in efficient and right practices to deliver a perfect scalable solution for every size of any size. Whether it's a small business that is looking to kick start its business or a large enterprise looking to expand its services on a global level, we draw out the perfect solution for your business needs.

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Why choose us?


Customer-oriented approach

Our company follows a client-dedicated and oriented approach to derive a custom solution that suits every need of any business purpose. Our developers create solutions that suit your business requirements and are nominal in cost.


Powerful development

Our developers create a high-end and cutting-edge application utilizing the latest technology and software for smooth and powerful functioning. Our developers focus on the system development for application’s adaptability and sustainability to perform scalable operations.


Transparent communication

At Alteza, you will receive on-call assistance regarding the development process. Our developers will give you constant progressive updates about the development and design.


Timely delivery

Our company follows an assured, high-quality and timely delivery of the application. We focus on creating high-end apps with agility and practicality.

Models that suit your business need

We present you with business-friendly models that fulfill your business requirement at a very nominal cost.

Dedicated Team

Hiring a team

  • Discussion of your idea and laying out a plan accordingly
  • Team allotting and planning
  • Engaged and devoted team for your project development

Planning and designing

  • Dexterous and inclined development
  • Weekly reports on progression updates
  • The algorithmic process to generate results

Deployment and delivery

  • Integration of cloud and DevOps
  • Manual and automatic testing
  • Timely and efficient product delivery

Get in touch with our iOS developers

Recruit our efficient resources for your iOS application development.

Appealing designs

Our designers and developers sketch out the most appealing UI/UX designs.

Design Tools

Robust coding

Get efficient coding for your iOS application development.

Code Tools

Reliable communication

Get bi-weekly sprints for the progressive updates of the application development.

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International presence

Alteza shares national and international expertise in iOS application development. We have paved the way for many industries in countries like the US, UK, CANADA, UAE, SOUTH AFRICA, THAILAND, and many others.

Our company provides efficiency and reliability, and that is why we stand out from the crowd. We follow a customer-centric approach to derive a solution that is fitted for them and their business needs. We believe that” We are what our clients are,” and that is why we become a part of their success.