Node.Js development offers a rich, significant data trading experience to enhance business growth. Through the Node.Js development, you get various features like data security, storage, chat services, data exchange, multimedia, and live tracking that upgrade and enhance your business's growth. At Alteza, you get custom solutions for every business need, and our solutions offer scalability, sustainability and reliability to provide a push and support to your business.

Services for Node.JS Development

At Alteza, you get around-the-clock Node.Js development service to give you a rich and significant experience.


Integration and development

Our Node.Js developers provide seamless and secure integration in your web apps. The development process is very critical and practical to derive a solution that exceeds your expectations. Our developers smartly collaborate and merge technology, tools and techniques to present you a solution.

application development

Serverless microservices

Our Node.Js developers utilize significant practices to launch and deploy your web applications at a faster pace. We design web apps that are high-tech and powerful to give you a rich user experience.



Our service team offers informative and dedicated consultation services for your Node.Js development. We study the Node.Js framework to construct, debug, investigate and utilize the important aspects to scale up every client’s need.



Our developers offer a secure and safe migration process. They share a critically successful experience in migrating complex web apps from various platforms to the Node.Js platform.



As a leading Node.Js development company, we offer a range of smart and high-end plugins for every business of every size and scale.


Committed team

Our Node.Js development team is highly functional, committed and dedicated to developing smart functioning web apps that suit your business needs. Our developers are highly skilled and technical in deriving an innovative solution, and our team offers a great technical understanding and support for the Node.Js development.

Need a Node.Js development solution?

Considerable experience

We hold strong experience in making adaptable, high-end and agile responsive web apps for many industries.

Smart Node.Js development

We utilize the best practices and techniques to draw out a solution and arrangement that strengthen and escalate the growth of your business or enterprise.

  • Savvy apps with detailed data and security aspects
  • Web-based call, chat and video conferencing
  • Live tracking and ordering of groceries
  • Food ordering and tracking web apps
  • Ecommerce web apps with customizations
  • Chat-based apps
  • Integration
  • Pharmacy apps
  • CMS applications
  • Serverless microservices
  • Admin panel, analytics and other features

Technology Stack

languages-and-platforms Languages & Platforms

  • Node
  • Typescript

FrontEnd Front End

  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

database Database

  • MS-SQL
  • MySQL
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB
  • Oracle
  • Firebase
  • Elasticsearch

deployment Deployment

  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Azure
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

framework_library Framework & Libraries

  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Express
  • Serverless

orms ORMs

  • Sequilize
  • GraphQL
  • TypeORM

testing Testing

  • Selenium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • Test Rail
  • Apache JMeter
  • BrowserStack
  • Postman

tech-caching Caching

  • Memcached
  • Redis

project-management Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Microsoft Team

We are here for you!

Alteza surges the most accurate and apt solution for your needs. Our solutions are 100% customizable for every small, medium, and large scale business type. Our derived solutions are compatible, high-end and profitable to generate success and growth for every business need.

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Why Choose us


Skilled Designers and Expert Developers

Our fashioners and organizers are dynamic, imaginative with out-of-the-holder thinking. All through each and every day, they put complex issues to clear plans equipping the end-clients with a consistent commitment with their web movement. Not exclusively are these apparently spellbinding and pixel-phenomenal yet likewise Web composition improvement advanced with the best in the business speedier yield


Committed to Quality and Quick Response

Quality is the thing that we depend upon. Consistent correspondence with our customers improves on it for us to pass on certainly according to their necessities. We work on various conditions which breaker undertaking the pioneer's stages to exceptionally major phone or email requests to make a pass all things considered vital fulfillment of the thing.


We What the Clients Are

Our customers can accomplish the peak of their headway just in the event that we pass on and we are a ton of careful that it is key for us to make it go. Having feasibly worked with a huge piece of our customers for a genuine long time, we are sure when we get go over requesting and references. We become part of the customer's prosperity


Cost effective, practical assistance to customers

We have organized our staff to take on a similar standpoint as a customer. This preparation has changed the manner by which we take a gander at an endeavor. This has guaranteed that our IT Plans and Organizations are exceptionally intended to every customer's particular circumstance and foundation and that each experience result will be done on schedule, to money related course of action, and to the customer's unquestionable nuances.


Modules that fits every business type

Take business to next level by hiring our expert developers on monthly or fixed-priced models

Committed Team

Hiring a team

  • Discussion of your idea and laying out a plan accordingly
  • Team allotting and planning
  • Engaged and devoted team for your project development

Planning and designing

  • Dexterous and inclined development
  • Weekly reports on progression updates
  • The algorithmic process to generate results

Deployment and delivery

  • Integration of cloud and DevOps
  • Manual and automatic testing
  • Timely and efficient product delivery

Get in touch with our Node.Js developers.

Utilize the efficiency of our developers to upgrade your business to the next level!

Magnificent designs

Get an engaging UI/UX design for your web apps

Design Tools

Efficient coding

Utilize our coders for a suitable framework for your web app

Code Tools

Effective communication

Get daily updates and information about web app development.

Communication Tools

Worldwide presence

Alteza has a worldwide presence for its solutions, consultation and services. Our curated solutions are up-to-date and practical to upscale your business. We have a worldwide presence in countries like the US, UK, UAE, INDIA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, SOUTH KOREA, etc.

Our solutions have created a significant and meaningful impact among various clients in their business succession. As a leading Node.Js development company, we strongly stand and support an idea that is, “We are what our clients are,” and that's what makes a part of their victory.