We leverage the power of React Native framework and create applications that promote high performance and sustainability while generating more clients and revenue for your business expansion. Our developers efficiently merge the conventional methods and new trends to create an outstanding app. We have an excellent team of developers who share years of practice and experience building apps for multiple industries. We build apps for every business of any size. We create apps that enhance digital visuality and performance, and our developers efficiently collaborate on the React Native and Native Code to suit your custom requirements.

Services for React Native

At Alteza, you get high-end and reliable development services and solutions using the React Native framework.



Our developers will handle and manage all your requests and requirements for the development, integration, consultation, and customization to create your React Native application.

application development


Our React Native developers create a multi-purpose application that is perfect for managing your business and clients at the same time efficiently, and they have created apps using the React Framework for almost every industry.


UI/UX design

We draw out simple yet creative UI/UX layouts for custom needs to enhance the user experience. Our designers and developers create an appealing and beautiful UI/UX design to maximize user interaction and clientele conversion.


Backend development

Our seasoned developers perform powerful and robust backend engineering to increase performance, agility, and sustainability. They seamlessly integrate APIs and other third-party apps for better functionality.


Testing and support

Our skilled and efficient developers perform constant testing to ensure bug safety, speed and performance. After the deployment, if you require any support or assistance in the framework, upgrade or update in the application, our developers will take care of your needs.


Dedicated team

For the application development, we will put forward our reliable resources and dedicated team. They will render you solutions that suit your need and put up progressive updates for your benefit.

React Native development process

Our React Native developers will provide you constant support and reliable response for your application development.


Project discussion

At first, we will discuss and understand the idea. If you are developing the application for the first time, our developers will help you digitize your idea based on your requirements with our touch of innovation. But if you want to revamp the application, then our developers will guide you as per that. Once our developers comprehend your idea, they will use their creativity and innovation to polish your idea.



After the plan is created, then we will move forward to the interface. Our developers share extensive experience in creating designs for the existing apps or entirely creating new designs for your new application. Our designers and developers curate the designs that highlight your benefits and skillset to provide you maximum benefit.



Once the design is ready, we will begin the development process. Wherein the developers will efficiently and seamlessly integrate the technology stack, features and make the other custom changes. Our developers will give you timeless assistance and progressive updates about the application development.



Our developers will seamlessly integrate third-party APIs and apps for carrying out safe and secure operations that will help you expand your business and services in a better way. Based on your custom requirements, we will perform the integration that you need.



Once the entire development is complete, we will move your application to the servers for testing to ensure that the application is bug-free and has a smooth performance. Our testing team runs multiple tests to deliver an assured quality product.



After the application is tested, it will be uploaded on all the recommended platforms.


Service and support

Once the application is live on the recommended platforms, if you need any assistance in the application’s framework, optimization, updation, maintenance, and support, our developers and service team will assist you with that. We cater to the clients until the very end to provide them endless benefits.

Case Studies

We have created magnificent, scalable, and secure applications for many industries from all around the world. This is our portfolio please have a look!

Doctors To You App

Assembled a versatile application that is only a tap away for specialists and patients to deal with their arrangements. Our arrangement booking application is a helpful answer for improving ordinary treatment with extraordinary highlights like patient profile, online prescription, and improved counseling equations with a hint of digitalization.

view case study


The aim of this project is to minimize the time involved in processing an order and passing it to the delivery phase. The aim is to reduce the amount of effort a customer needs to put into digitizing medicine names from the prescription. In an ideal scenario, if a mock digital order can be created from an uploaded prescription of the product, which can be pushed into the delivery loop upon approval by the customer, the necessity of a pharmacist is effectively circumvented. The financial impact of this hypothesized outcome will be discussed in the next section.

view case study

Looking for a React Native development solution?

Considerable experience

Our developers hold years of experience in developing native and cross-platform apps using the React Native framework.

Smart React Native application development

Our developers are capable of creating custom apps based on every enterprise's needs and requirements.

  • Custom React Native applications development
  • Cross-platform application development
  • Application development for business needs
  • React Native widget and extension development
  • Saas-based application development
  • Custom piece development
  • Food delivery apps with call, chat, and video conferencing.

Technology Stack

frameworks Backend

  • .NET
  • Java
  • PHP
  • Node

FrontEnd Front End

  • React Native

database Database

  • SQLite
  • Realm
  • CoreData
  • Firebase

DevOps DevOps

  • CI/CD
  • GitHub Actions

testing Testing

  • Appium
  • Katalon Test Studio
  • BrowserStack

project-management Project Management Tools

  • Jira
  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Microsoft Team

Delivering the Right Solution

We excel in delivering the best-suited solution as per the custom needs, be it small start-ups in their ideation phase or mid-size businesses focusing on growth or large enterprises actively optimizing processes across varied industries.

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Why choose us?


Assured and timely delivery

Our company follows an agile and easy-to-understand process for React Native application development. They believe in delivering the best quality in the least amount of time.


Customer-centric approach

Our company follows a customer-centric approach to generate solutions. Based on the business and clientele needs, our developers mold a perfect solution.


On-call communication services

Our developers will assist and help you with any query and confusion within minutes. They provide smooth communication and agile response for the application development.


Budget-friendly solutions

We provide a perfect solution that fits within a nominal cost. We provide a reasonable business planning model that is cost-sufficient and effective.


Models that suit your business need

We carve out a perfect business model that fits your budget and will generate maximum profit for your business.

Dedicated Team

Hiring a team

  • Discussion of your idea and laying out a plan accordingly
  • Team allotting and planning
  • Engaged and devoted team for your project development

Planning and designing

  • Dexterous and inclined development
  • Weekly reports on progression updates
  • The algorithmic process to generate results

Deployment and delivery

  • Integration of cloud and DevOps
  • Manual and automatic testing
  • Timely and efficient product delivery

Get in touch with our React Native developers.

Accommodate our skilled developers and efficient resources for your React Native application development.

Pristine designs

Get flawless and beautiful UI/UX development for your application development.

Design Tools

Well-structured coding

Get a structured and powerful framework for your application development.

Code Tools

Facile communication

Get weekly progressive reports and updates for your application development.

Communication Tools

Overseas presence

Alteza is a nationally and internationally acclaimed IT Solutions company, and we deliver the right solution that suits every enterprise's needs. Our solutions are created with a practical and customer-oriented approach to maximize benefit and generate profit for your business.

We have paved the way for many clients from various industries. We have a global presence in the US, UK, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, THAILAND, SOUTH KOREA, NIGERIA, UAE, and many other countries. We firmly stand with an ideology that is, “We are what our clients are,” and that is the reason why we are part of their success.